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Learn how to make authentic north indian food - Delicious cultural experience!

Exploration and Education

THE Best way to mix exploration with experimentation in the kitchen

Learn New Skills

What I loved most about this course is learning to make new things from scratch from the culture they originate from

Next level

Oma's courses take it to the next level with tips and tricks from chefs and information about the culture too.

Oma Kitchen’s Korean course was a top way to learn more about Korean cuisine. The ingredient kit had everything I needed to make a variety of dishes, and the online members area had a lot of helpful videos and resources.

Oma Kitchen is perfect for foodies looking to expand their cooking skills and try different cuisines.

Oma Kitchen’s Malaysian course was a wonderful experience. The ingredient kit was expertly curated and the online members area had so many parts to it.. The recipes were easy to follow and the end result was delicious. This is a great way to bring the taste of Malaysia into your home.

Malaysian food is my new favourite thank you Oma Kitchen!!

My partner is a wizard in the kitchen now! Best Christmas present thanks guys

Cool new concept. For me it's a bank of great recipes and stories that relaly give you a flavour (sorry) of the cuisine. DO get the tortilla press for the Mexican one though - this could have been more clear.


New found obsession with Korean food! Thank you

Good introduction into making tortillas with a few more recipes for inspiration.

I hadn't cooked much Indian before but was given this course by a friend. Really enjoyed [ushing the boat out a bit and learning about the spices in Indian cooking.

There's so much to Korean food that I never knew - if you're interested in the culture and food give this a go. Delicous recipes too btw!

Oma Kitchen’s Malaysian course was a real treat. The ingredient kit was thoughtfully put together and had everything I needed to create authentic Malaysian dishes at home. Well done

Bought for a friend and they love it. Especially the press! Just waiting for the return invite now!

The perfect xmas present thank you oma

I love trying new foods and Oma is the perfect way! The ingredients are really good quality which makes all the difference. Recommend

perfect gift

Bought for a friend of mine and they love it! The perfect gift

Beef rendang and Laksa my favourites. Looking forward to trying roti. Great stuff guys.

What I love about the Mexican Kitchen course is that I can keep coming back to it on different occasions. The kit had everything I needed to make multiple dishes, and the online members area is a great resource for perfecting my skills. Highly recommend for anyone looking to elevate their Mexican cooking!

Good way to learn how to cook properly tasty Indian food. Healthier know what does in your meal too!!

Love oma

Really thoughtfully put together. Love cooking Oma dishes.

I’ve always been curious about Korean cuisine, so I decided to try Oma Kitchen’s Korean course. The ingredient kit was beautifully packaged and the recipes were easy to follow. You get the cultural background to the cuisine too which we loved

Oma Kitchen’s Korean course was a fantastic experience. The kit was filled with authentic ingredients (that I've never heard of!), and the online videos were really helpful. I love that I can recreate these dishes at home now