Making a Tahini Crust

Learn how to make this delicious vegan pie topping using tahini.

Tahini 200g
Water 150g
Garlic cloves, crushed #2
Lemon juice 80g
Salt ¼ tsp

Tahini 200g, Water 150g, Garlic clove crushed #2, Lemon juice 80g, Salt ¼ tsp

"Tahini sauces can be used in salads or whipped into dressings, slathered over roasted vegetables and even baked into sweet dishes. Here I'm using it to form a crust, it's such a simple recipe; taken from the Middle East where they use it like the mash potato for a shepherd’s pie. Think of replacing a white sauce to a moussaka or vegetable lasagna, or layering up roasted vegetables with simple tomato sauce topped with tahini and simply baking"

To make the sauce crust, combine everything, except the water and lemon juice, mix well and then slowly pour the water and juice into the mixture till the sauce comes together.

Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Spread over your desired dish and bake at 190 degrees for 30 mins or until it's golden and crusted.

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