Hispi Wrapped Halloumi

Mix up your halloumi game with this charred halloumi wrapped in hispi cabbage leaves by Maria Elia.

Hispi Cabbage or Chard Leaves
Halloumi or Feta
Any other fillings e.g. peas, artichokes etc.

Blanch 4 of the Hispi cabbage leaves in salted water, then plunge into cold water - drain and dry.

Make your filling - Maria made a pea filling, but anything from olives to peppers will work here.

Drizzle the halloumi with a little olive oil and place on a hot BBQ/griddle pan.

Char on either side and all four corners, then set aside to cool.

Remove the tough ‘ribs’ from the Cabbage leaves, then overlap them on a work surface to form a large enough surface area to contain the block of halloumi.

Spoon your filling in the centre forming a surface area no bigger than the halloumi.

Place artichokes and halloumi on top.

Fold the lengths of cabbage over the halloumi followed by the sides to form a parcel without any gaps. Tie neatly using the butcher’s twine to form a parcel.

Drizzle the cabbage with a little olive oil and place on a high heat BBQ/griddle.

Once the cabbage is charred on all sides, transfer to a chopping board, carefully remove the butcher’s twine and gently slice into 2/3/4 pieces.

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