Note from the Founders

Thanks for visiting Oma Kitchen.

Oma stands for Omakase – which is a Japanese term meaning chef’s recommendation. We have chefs at the heart of everything we do, in fact we started Oma envious of seeing chefs in our family open the fridge and cook something delicious intuitively. We wanted that confidence to cook creatively without relying on a recipe to the millimetre, or stressing over not having every ingredient.

Having worked alongside chefs, recipe writers and food bloggers for the past few years we’ve tried to distil that confidence into a single process, designed to be everything you need to know to confidently explore cooking with new flavours and techniques.

Our courses aren’t prescriptive because we don’t believe that cooking should be. Instead, our approach provides a framework for your curiosity; a scrapbook for your creativity; led by expert chefs that guide you through the fundamental methods and ingredients needed to develop your own cooking style – and to have fun doing it!

All our courses seek to bring together leading voices from cuisines around the world to help food lovers demystify cooking techniques and culture.

Ultimately we don’t think a good cook is a well-rehearsed repertoire of recipes. Every cook should add a splash of soul and a dollop of imagination to what’s in front of them.

By becoming part of the Oma community, you are beginning a colourful journey of discovery and expression that gives you confidence in your cooking environment, wherever that may be.

We hope you enjoy the ride!

Please let us know how you get on