Oma Kitchen was inspired by a desire to open the fridge and whip something up from scratch.

We love cooking new dishes at home but know that experimenting with new flavours can be daunting, so we recruited the help of the worlds best chefs.

Oma is your place to explore

We think of Oma as the ultimate cookbook for modern times, with an ever growing library of stories, recipes and video masterclasses from the worlds best. Whatever your level or occasion you'll find something to inspire you to take your cooking to the next level.

Over the past few years working with top chefs, we've uncovered three key elements to mastering any cuisine:

The Oma Volume

For every cuisine we speak to the leading voices, recipe writers, chefs, producers and more to share their experience of that style of cooking. This comes together in a magazine style volume of recipes and stories to set the scene of the cuisine.

Authentic Ingredients

There's usually a set of fundamental ingredients that supermarket knock-offs just don't match. Knowing which brand or ingredient to trust can be tricky - from the spices of India to the Chillis of Mexico all ingredients in our pantry are chef selected so you know they're the best.

Video Tutorials

Somethings you just need to see. When it comes to the more technical recipes or skills we enrol the help of our feature chef, a master of their cuisine to take you through step by step how and why things should be done.

More than just a flash in the pan

We’re committed to making a lasting positive impact.

Our packaging is from sustainability focussed Freckl; the box and leaflet are produced with no plastics, water based inks and are 100% recyclable. Whilst we don't control the retail packaging for each ingredient, we always work with our chefs to source the most environmentally conscious products without compromising authenticity. We only deal in long-life pantry produce so we’ll never leave a rotting turnip or smelly cabbage on your doorstep only to end up in the bin. We know we can always do more, so any suggestions are warmly received.

North Indian Kitchen

North Indian cuisine’s rich, creamy gravies, powerful spices and tendency to use bread over rice makes it truly stand out from the rest of India.
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Mexican Kitchen

Learn how to create Mexico's bright, vibrant dishes with authentic pantry ingredients, recipes and masterclasses.
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